After one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a while, and a few more packed weeks ahead, I was humbly reminded about the importance of self care and how that correlates to more energy. More energy = more bandwidth. Getting overwhelmed and missing rhythms happens a lot, so I wanted to share a few things I do to stay charged and what that means for me.

1. Be intentional. Each week I review my calendar and upcoming appointments. In that moment, I make sure to calendar in time for me. Maybe it is a walk, getting a manicure, going to the gym, playing with Dermot (my adorable and loving puppy pupperson), or even taking a nap! The small recharges I schedule allow me not only take care of myself, but also take care of my other priorities with more energy.

“But what if I don’t have time”

The reality is if you don’t have time to take of yourself, who will? Doing more of what you love will allow you to produce more results at a higher and passionate level (which brings me to my next point…)

2. Stay healthy. For those of you doers out there, sometimes you find yourself too busy to stop and eat or make sure you’re hydrated. This may sound irrelevant to some of you, but the importance of giving your body the proper fuel will only allow you to produce more in the long run, and feel better while you’re doing it. I actually started a habit of keeping track of the water I drink each day! It holds me accountable AND I feel great.

3. Know Where you Get your Value From. Often time in relationships, especially those that are work-related, seem to drain us more than they should. For me, knowing my value comes from within allows me to not pick up other people’s energy and take it on myself. Invariably, I am able to be confident in my work and if along the way I get challenged or someone disagrees, I am comfortable knowing what my value is.

These are 3 small things I do to ensure I have my energy restored.

What do you do to make sure that in your busy season, you still have room for yourself? Share some of your ideas and tips for increasing your energy!


Peace & Positivity,