The Client Experience

Cultural assessments provide us with an understanding of all business dynamics related to daily operations, internal communication, and human resource tools. It is our mission to push company culture to the forefront of business, one company at a time. A strong company culture will produce results on how effective your team runs and how consumers interact with your brand.
We work to create a solid foundation for your business that is centered on intentional values, purpose, and vision. The purpose of organizational development is to ensure alignment of the company mission, vision, and cultural values.In addition, we streamline organization processes to maximize efficiency for your entire organization.
We ensure your company brand is built around values, strengths, and expertise. This allows you to expand your bandwidth by leveraging key relationships and compensating in key areas where necessary. The values and direction we identify for your company will solidify your place in the market and set you up at a competitive advantage. Ultimately, our aim is to shape your marketing efforts to reflect your structure and brand, which allows your company culture to shine through every point of contact with your customers.

Why Choose Us

  • Our Cost: We are flexible. We develop individual contracts based on client needs and services. We proudly cater to both non-profit and for-profit organizations.
  • Our Team: As Culture Consultants, Lisa Marie and Alison bring 10+ years of management, leadership, organizational development, and training to companies striving to bring culture to the forefront of their business.
  • Our Solution: We work with companies to create a healthy balance of profitability and people. Organizations must hold leadership accountable for building a strong culture, enhancing employee engagement, creating meaningful roles, and communicating their message to the world based on authenticity and values – we make sure that happens.
  • Our System: We use a methodology backed by science and experience. Our system relies heavily on research derived from the field of organizational behavior. The client experience includes cultural assessments, organizational development, and strategic brand advancement. inRETROSPECT allows you to combine what makes life most worth living with the design of organizational cultures that support employee passion, engagement, and productivity.

Client Successes

When we first found inRetrospect we were at a crossroads. We had a goad to be a certain type of company; we wanted to be a great and strong company to work for and to work with.

We were doing everything we could do to get work and get organized all at the same time. We had an internal conversation that we needed a team, but we were missing a link. We had the idea of where we wanted to go but we were lacking the tools to get there.  The inRETROSPECT team was that missing link!

We are coming up on our first quarter being complete with them by our side and we have made huge strides. We finally have the brand we wanted. It has been such a sigh of relief to have a knowledgeable team on our side to help reach our goals.

Chad Sanchez, CEO, Smart Tech Designs, Las Vegas
I am a local Las Vegas businesswoman who has many businesses. On numerous occasions, I have asked inRETROSPECT to step in and help me structure them in order to build culture and move them forward. On every occasion, their services have more than exceeded my expectations; so much that when I was head-hunted by a New York group I told them that I would not even consider their offer if Lisa Marie & Alison were not on board as well.

What makes Lisa Marie & Alison so amazing is that no matter what the task, they will find a way to master it and when they’re done with the project you will think she has done it a hundred times even if it was their first time doing that specific task. Her skill set is like nothing I have ever seen before.

inRETROSPECT is dynamic, fun to work with, intelligent, hard-working and very driven. They are an asset to any business looking to get to its next level.

Laura Eisenberg, Entrepreneur
With the start of our company, we thought we had a good vision and direction. But sometime in the process of wearing so many hats to try and keep our company moving forward that direction and vision got muddled and out of focus. That is where inRETROSPECT came in.

We went through several private leadership and training seminars which provided great structure and organization. This company was able to help us refine our vision, cast our goals and set up tracking points, to check our progress and make adjustments if needed. We went through times of extreme workload, where we ran the risk of losing our vision and direction, but with the utilization of inRETROSPECT System, we kept our company moving forward, which was an invaluable asset that we have come to count on to this day.

Daniel Grothman, Co Founder, Pulse Group

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